EFA_z21, 2009
installation and videostills

Mirtl, Linz-EFA-2s.jpg

21. European Customs Law Conference, Linz, Austria


Mirtl, Linz-EFA-5s.jpg

Walter Mirtl, EFA_z21, videostill


Mirtl, Linz-EFA-6s.jpg

Walter Mirtl, EFA_z21, videostill


Walter Mirtl

interactive video-installation using webcam motion tracking

EFA_z21, created for:

European Forum for External Trade,
Excise and Customs

21. European Customs Law Conference
18. and 19. June 2009
in Linz, Austria

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Walter Mirtl, EFA_z21, videostill



Movement in front of your webcam changes the text string inside the video.

IMPORTANT: To have full access to the interactive content of this video-work, a webcam and the Adobe Flash Player is required.

REMARKS: This video work has been created for the 21. European Customs Law Conference. It is arranged to be projected on a large video screen. The center point of the video is a text string and it shows customs terms from documents related to the 21. European Customs Law Conference. The text string changes the indication, every time a webcam detects motion at the location of the meeting. So, each participant of the conference will be an active part of the installation. The Images in the background of the movie are free interpretations of Customs Union and e-Government. They visualize the world of trade and customs.
The video shown here is a short version of the original and adapted to be shown on a web page.