Walter Mirtl

selected clips from the workgroup "LOOP", SD_video, PAL, 4:3, sound, 2001 — 2010

The workgroup LOOP consists of many short video sequences. The length of each single sequence takes not more than 2 seconds of time. The narrative strength of these short moments of movement is achieved through the continuous repetition of one basic sequence (loop). The length of the stories is variable as the spectator determines the time to watch the videos. "Loop" is not like a conventional movie where a progressive form of narration develops the story. Each sequence is more like one image, which was extended with the factor of time.

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LOOP has been exhibited at:

  • StillStand – Stillleben in der zeitgenössischen Fotografie II, FOTOFORUM BRAUNAU, Braunau/Inn, Österreich.
    September 27 – October 26, 2008  stillstand.html
  • LOOP, video screening and installation at 16. dokument ART, Neubrandenburg, Germany & Szcecin, Poland.
    September 22 – 27, 2007
  • LOOP, video screening at "Österreich tanzT", Austrian Dance Festival, FESTSPIELHAUS ST.PÖLTEN, Österreich.
    June 20 – 24, 2006
    December 14, 2004 – January 26, 2005
  • BEST OF 5, L'USINE GALERIE, Bruxelles, Belgique.
    November 06, 2004 – January 09, 2005
  • Media library, AV-VENUE, Argos Festival 2001, ARGOS, Bruxelles, Belgique.
    October 05 – 12, 2001