Walter Mirtl

movie for SIGNINGS

animated video-object for Bernd R. Bienert´s dance-performance SIGNINGS





movie for SIGNINGS deals with the ability of perception.
The video shows only a single object on the screen. Most of the time the object remains nearly immobile, except, and this might be an interpretation, one kind of breathing, but suddenly the object turns around itself, in any direction – an "outbreak" of motion. Then it stops, and remains breathing as it did before. It is pretty sure to miss the start of the movement, it only lasts a very short moment and follows in an irregular repetition.



SIGNINGS, Österreich-TANZT, Festspielhaus St. Pölten, Österreich, May 29, 2010  -> video


Signings/SCHRIFTzeichnen: Based on sign-language, this dance-performance with a huge potential, combines different forms of human communication.
concept and choreography: Bernd R. Bienert | sign-language supervisor: Elke Schaumberger | costumes: Christopher Leon Green | video-installation: Walter Mirtl | sound-installation: Bruno Liberda