StillStand – Stillleben in der
Fotografie II

Fotoforum Braunau

Stadttorturm am Stadtplatz
A-5280 Braunau/Inn, Austria

curated by:
Dr. Petra Noll, Curator

Friday, September 26, 7pm.

Sept. 27th - Oct. 26th, 2008
Friday 4–7pm, Saturday and Sunday 2–6pm.

Wolfgang Reichmann (Wien), Walter Ebenhofer (Steyr), Walter Mirtl (Bruxelles).

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Exhibition View: Walter Mirtl, K7, Videoloop, 2008


The overarching theme of the two group exhibitions at the Foto Forum Braunau 2008 is the still life, a classic genre when it comes to painting. In contemporary photography, the still life is a lesser theme by the artists and represented in only a few exhibitions.
The positions shown in the exhibition of Foto Forum Braunau exceed the classical tradition of representation and substance of the still life. They offer new possibilities in the treatment of the genre.

Walter Mirtl shows a selection of videos from his work-group LOOP―> loop.html ). Mirtl works with fast image-changes and he shows things standing in completly different contexts. Surreal situations are the result of fading and layering, as well as the multiple repetition of the sequences (loops). By this kind of moving images, he is located in a border region in the display of still life.

Petra Noll, 2008