Walter Mirtl


video animation for an opera-performance, 1h26min, HD 1080p, 25fps, 2013

Another collaboration with Bernd R. Bienert and TEATRO BAROCCO.

Created for The Original Chinese Conjuror, the opera by the composer Raymond Yiu, Walter Mirtls video animation, Visuals.for.OCC, offers a visually perceptible level of interpretation, in a manner similar to the acoustically experienced interpretation of the libretto by the music.


Walter Mirtl, Visuals.for.OCC, videostill, 2013  enlarge



Based on the real story of William Robinson, a magician, who lived in the early 20th Century, and entertained his audiences in vaudeville theaters. This video animation plays with the elements of transformation, illusion and imagination.
There are hardly any pictures that corresponds to reality. A deception is always present, even if the pictures are not the result of superposition or color shift. The cityscape at the beginning will never be New York in 1890. For the audience sometimes it might be easier to find out the deception, but often it is more fun to believe in what one sees.


THE ORIGINAL CHINESE CONJUROR (A Musical Diversion Suggested by the Lives of Chung Ling Soo)
music: Raymond Yiu; libretto: Lee Warren; directed by: Bernd R. Bienert; visuals: Walter Mirtl;
Simon Grundtner; conductor: Vasilis Tsiatsianis; orchestra: DIE REIHE; production: TEATRO BAROCCO;
William Robinson: Bryan Benner; Dot Robinson: Anne Wieben; Alexander Herrmann: Andreas Maurer;
Chai Ping: Friedolin Obersteiner; Soldier, Audience Member, Donald Stevenson, Newspaper Boy, Reporter, Harry Elson, and voice of Ching Ling Foo: Klaus Paar.
MUSIKVEREIN WIEN, Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien
PREMIERE: 19 April 2013, 20:00